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My artwork has a combination of cool and warm colors, It had the top part of the body, and also it had a colorful and many shapes as a  background. My subject matter for this art is a human body one you can see the top. It has the element many shape some with no name. My artwork is called the No Estoy La Birdo.

I created my artwork with color pencils, different color sharpie, pencil, a ruler, and watercolor. I use the technique of drawing with pencils lighty, then I sharpie the picture with different types of sharpie. Next I color my main photo not the background with color pencils, after that step I take a ruler and draw interspenting lines with a sharpie.

My artwork was inspired Mrs. Hanson first becomes she forces us into this project or we would get a 0. My artworks express the social problem of pollution though the Lorax because in the movie the lorax was the protector of the trees. I use the emotions the on happy and didn’t put anything sad in the picture.

My goals as an artist is to get better at drawing noses. This piece only help a little bit with my nose problem by showing me a new way to draw noses.

I learned that hair is difficult to draw and that eyes are hard to draw. The final piece is not what I imagined was a little bit more less realistic looking than the one I came up with. This piece will influence my future art works by showing that the not to drawing the neck as big, and not to mess up the nose

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